UiTM Technology Centre, a subsidiary of UiTM Holdings was established with a vision to provide high-technology products and services that are a suite of solutions to issues faced by businesses and individuals.

The team that founded and manages the organization is identified by a dynamic blend of youth and experience with unifying credos; thriving through constant innovations, providing expert solutions to technological problems and the love for disseminating knowledge.

The founders pride themselves on having decades of combined experience in innovation, technology and education, both nationally and internationally.

The wealth of experience gleaned by the leaders of UiTM Technology Centre has exposed them to the best practices in the dynamic field of technology as well as in the education sector. This is the basis on which our motto, “Human. Technology. Innovation” was formulated and one that continues to guide the company’s operations.


From the time UiTM Technology Centre was formed, our vision was “To be a leader in offering ICT solutions globally by consistently developing our technologies through innovations; to be a strategic enabler to our customer’s business infrastructure; to enlighten the society by being a leading educational consortium in the region.” It’s not easy, but when there is a strong team of members with whom the organization is made of, nothing is going to be impossible whatsoever.

We believe every day is a chance to be better. We demonstrate this through our values and actions as a company. In our commitment to maintain the highest standards in our industry. In our efforts to expand the inclusiveness and reach of our name and offerings. And through our investments in our employees, our workplace, and the ICT communities we are honoured to serve. In this knowledge ruled world, each and every individual is to be empowered with the updated information. That’s where our role is. Sharing and improvising of technological know how which benefits ever-growing communities was always our passion. Customer satisfaction is the key to success, and we have proven the same with our triumph that has been continuing for years. Innovation is our key strength, a tool we use to ensure the same. Always assuring our best efforts.



To provide reliable technologies and solutions through innovations and to inculcate in individuals a lifelong quest for learning as a means towards supporting human beings existence and their advancement in this world.



To be a leader in offering ICT solutions globally by consistently developing our technologies through innovations so as to be a strategic enabler to our customer’s business infrastructure as well as to enlighten the society by being a leading educational consortium in the region.



The Company’s motto captures its aim for supporting human existence through ground breaking innovations in technology and education that will assist people in their day-to-day lives as well as their business needs.


UiTM Technology Centre has enormously invested in technological innovations following the understanding that the field of technology is a dynamic one. From providing IT support services, managing IT projects to offering ICT solutions to businesses, the company has positioned itself as a reliable high-technology provider, seeking to assist individuals and businesses with the ever changing technologies. This follows the company’s realization of the fact that today, most businesses use technology in conducting their businesses, thus need for an innovative and reliable technology provider like UiTM Technology Centre.





Celebrating the diversity amongst citizens of the world and tolerating the sensitivities of different communities through technological innovations that appreciates this diversity and meets the needs of each individual or business in their own capacity.


Our solution oriented professionals excel in managing IT projects, collaborating with project teams, cooperating with clients and deploying technology to build successful solutions. This is achieved through co-operation with each other and working as a team so as to realize the company’s mission and vision.


We deliver quality services and strive to excel in ICT, innovations as well as our commitment in supporting education.


We are committed to transparency and honesty in all our dealings and maintaining the highest integrity level at all times, by ensuring we keep our promises.


Working with a sense of urgency and being committed to be the leading ICT services provider in the region and support education.



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